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Welcome to Pet Travel Services. We have been established for over 35 years we are International Shipping Specialists, offering a complete professional service from Scotland. About Pet Travel Services

Where will my pet be placed in the aircraft?

• Your pet will travel in the Livestock hold, which is pressurised, heated and usually situated just below the passenger cabin. They soon settle down for the flight.

Will my pet have enough space in the Air Kennel?

• Yes, all kennels are made to measure for your pet comfort. Your pet must be able to stand, lie down and turn comfortably. Extra space is costly and will not be of any advantage to your pet if the aircraft experiences turbulance.

Will my pet be fed and watered during the journey?

• Animals are not fed immediately prior to travel to avoid soiling their kennel. Each travel box incorporates a water container which is regularly checked and re-filled when required.

What happens to my pet during transit in London ?

• Both Heathrow and Gatwick are well equipped to handle animals and have specialised animal handling facilities where your pet will be taken from his travel box, exercised and offered light food and water before re-loading for his onward flight.

Will my pet be sedated?

• The Ministry of Agriculture and Veterinary Surgeons strongly advise against sedating animals. Airlines may refuse to carry sedated pets.

Will my pet be stressed?

• More than a million pets fly safely world-wide every year. All animals are checked and watered on stopovers and health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to.


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